Our Values

Forever standing on the side of our clients. 

At MASECO, we are a team bound together by a common purpose of doing the right thing and a shared set of values that guide our work every day. These values are fundamental beliefs and principles that steer our decision-making and behaviour every day. They are the compass that guides our firm.

They manifest themselves in our B Corporation status, which drives our commitment to help improve the lives of those around us. 



Every member of MASECO's individual contribution to the well-being of the business is valued and recognised. We work together and support each other in pursuit of MASECO's goals and for the benefit of our clients. 



Each member of MASECO has the necessary skills to perform their role. However, we actively encourage everyone to continually look for ways in which they can improve and become even better. We maintain this willingness to learn and to further ourselves. We strive to be thought leaders and masters of our niche. We aim to have a high level of knowledge and experience so we can deliver the service our clients need and deserve. 

Pursuit of Excellence


Every member of MASECO is set individual goals both regarding their own personal pursuit of excellence for achieving and maintaining the skills needed to perform their role but also goals linked to outcomes for MASECO and our clients. We always aim high and set ambitious goals for ourselves. By doing so, we ensure that we are constantly in search of absolute excellence in everything we do. We realise perfect is impossible, but that does not stop us from doing everything we can to achieve it. 



Each member of MASECO is encouraged to be their true authentic self. We expect all members of MASECO to be open and honest in their dealings with both their colleagues and our clients. Collectively stand up for our beliefs. This truth is crucial to our advice as well as engendering the trust we look for in every client relationship. 



Every member of MASECO is encouraged to look at situations from different perspectives as we believe that looking at issues through the eyes of others brings greater understanding. We want to identify with clients and colleagues alike. Failures of empathy are sometimes subtle or even unnoticeable. We recognise that by trying to understand what others around us are feeling saves us from, at best, a blinkered approach and, at worst, selfishness. Such a sentiment provides us with the basic motivation to act well towards others.