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Are we self-destructive as a species?

I imagine most readers would agree that human beings are not the best custodians of their planet. Food and water shortages lie uncomfortably alongside rampant population growth, the rich get richer and the poverty stricken multiply, biodiversity diminishes and the rush towards the nirvana of developed world status means that climate change has moved from a scientific discussion point to a horrifying reality.

We are all aware of the above yet very few of us incorporate these trends and themes into an investment strategy. I suspect that we are not a self-destructive species and the vast majority of the global population wishes for a sustainable world. In this way one is able to send a message with one’s capital and also position oneself for the inevitability of a world that needs to change its modus operandi. We hope that through blog posts we can give insight into how one can integrate sustainability into the DNA, capture the sustainability premium and benefit from what many believe to be megatrend.


Henry Findlater
Investment Advisor

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