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Kicking the Cannes

The G20 meeting, which was originally intended to seek a solution to the eurozone debt crisis, was yesterday dominated by the shenanigans in Greece. At one point, the Greek Prime Minister was set to resign – this now appears to be unlikely. The referendum that he had called earlier in the week now also ¬†appears to be off the cards. What is happening (at least, what seems to be happening at the moment, but following yesterday’s flip-flopping it’s hard to be

Not An Item

The meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers over the weekend has provided yet more strong signals that the eurozone must sort out the current debt crisis which is having a marked affect on the global economy.

However, nothing of any substance has emerged from the meeting, except for a rise in global stocks following the strong words. The UK Chancellor George Osborne said that it was not until the summit of 23 October that he expected