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Dollar Cost Averaging

For many investors dollar cost averaging has traditionally been the basis on which they invest. For example, this is how pension investment largely works. Rather than investing in one lump sum the investor invests smaller, regular amounts from their paycheque over a longer period of time. The idea is that by buying securities at predetermined intervals and in set amounts that this will reduce the risk of exposure to significant market declines. That is the theory and for many of us it intuitively feels right but does it actually work in practice?

Crown Dependencies sign FATCA agreement with USA

Many US tax payers may not have noticed in the run-up to the festive season that the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) net continued to tighten. The three Crown dependencies – Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man – all signed Model 1 intergovernmental agreements with the US government in mid-December at the US embassy in London. FATCA was explicitly designed to combat offshore tax evasion by US tax payers and to recoup