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4 things to make you go “Hmmmm…..”

  • In China, if you are a one-in-a-million person, there are 1,360 other people like you1;
  • The top 28% of India’s population by IQ is greater than the whole population of North America1;
  • By 2050 the world will have an additional 2 billion people, totalling 9 billion, looking to sustain themselves and improve the way they live with the same finite resources;
  • In as little as 15 years, the demand for food, water and energy will rise by 35%, 40% and 50% respectively2.

If, like me, you are surprised or concerned by these statistics then think about the impact adding a sustainable overlay to an  investment portfolio might have.  Our species and planet face some vast challenges in the years ahead so we do our bit by recycling our rubbish or aiming to reduce our carbon footprint by walking or cycling. Very few people consider using their investments as a force for good for the benefit of people and planet as well as profit. Fortunately times are changing – apparently $1 out of every $6 under professional management in the US incorporates a socially responsible investment strategy3. Imagine if everyone did it – it would definitely steer the corporate world towards becoming a force for good and maybe businesses could deliver a positive societal impact alongside profits.

1 Tim Hale Albion Strategic Consulting

2Institute for Sustainable Investing (2014), The Business CSE FOR Sustainable Investing

3US SIF – The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment


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