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Two Peas in a Pod

Last Thursday Rory Dorman spent the morning with Dr Thorsten Hens from the University of Zurich discussing how private clients often act in bizarre and irrational ways. It seems as if Rory, who was brought up in Zermatt and Dr Hens in Zurich were separated at birth.

The session focused on the cutting edge research that has recently been published on how investors can be their own worst enemies. For example, how those who trade more earn lower returns and how we can’t help but focus on the rear view mirror (even though even on the billboards we are told that this shouldn’t be relied on).

Rory Dorman meet Dr Thorsten Hens Rory Dorman meets Dr. Thorsten Hens

Please contact or phone him on +44(0)20 7043 0460 to discuss some of these behavioural biases and how they could be the biggest reason for the difference between a successful and a disastrous investment experience.

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