UK Citizens in the US

Embodying the special relationship.

No matter when you left the UK, there is always something left behind. Whether that be family, finances or simply fond memories, the underlying bonds run deep. Embarking on a US journey can take unexpected twists and turns that are often impossible to foresee upon departure from the UK.

At MASECO, we work continually with UK citizens to plan their arrival in the States or to get the most out of living on the other side of the Atlantic. 

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A life of twists and turns.

Embarking on a US adventure can be exhilarating and daunting and often the last thing our clients think about is the financial impact of their change of residency. An unexpected move here or the redemption of an asset there can have bewildering consequences. If one is fortunate enough to make financial decisions before becoming a US resident, then so much the better. 

If, like most, you attend to your finances after becoming a US resident then you should carefully consider your financial decisions to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

A life well lived. 

A life in the US can be a life of milk and honey. A life in the US can also be a life caught in the spider's web of taxes and trade-offs. At MASECO we are a diverse team with over 120 years' experience collectively, untangling the web of complexity.

We keep abreast of regulatory and tax changes and how they might impact your web, enabling you to live a life well lived. 

Why choose MASECO?

  • 1 Integrated management of US and UK assets
  • 2 FCA and SEC regulated
  • 3 Pre-immigration planning expertise
  • 4 Multi-currency investment management