US Citizens in the UK

Enabling American families to live their global life without worry.

At MASECO, we maintain a laser-like focus on investments, wealth and tax concerns for US families living in the UK. We seek to provide investment services which allow our clients to live life without worrying whether their wealth plans or investment strategies are about to cause unnecessary headaches. 

The rules governing the interaction between the US and UK tax jurisdictions are complex and ever-changing; they require constant vigilance. Our clients benefit from our years of practical experience in creating wealth strategies for US families living in the UK. Established in 2008, we were the first private wealth firm to have such a singular purpose and we remain thought leaders to this day. 





A life of less worry.

Since our founding we have been working with US citizens living in the UK who choose to make the UK their home. The opportunities are limitless, the possibilities endless, however, our clients live safe in the knowledge that their finances are structured and invested in a manner to meet their life requirements, wherever it may take them.

Andrea Solana
Head of Advanced Planning

“Serving American families with international issues is in the DNA of every single employee that works here.”