US Expertise

Thought leaders for US families.

MASECO are experts in investing for High and Ultra High Net Worth US and global citizens. Our clients benefit from over 20 years of the Partners' practical experience in creating wealth structures and strategies for US-connected families. As the US and UK tax rules are complex and ever-changing, they require constant vigilance. For those newly arrived on UK shores, this can be overwhelming. At MASECO, we maintain a laser focus on investment, wealth planning, and tax concerns for US clients, enabling them to live life without worries or unnecessary headaches. 





Fighting the good fight - on behalf of American families. 

In 2013 the FCA announced regulation that would have resulted in US citizens being unable to purchase US mutual funds as UK residents. 

Given our focus on looking after the needs of Americans we successfully lobbied the FCA (UK Regulator) to create a carve out for US families in order for them to continue to be able to invest in US mutual funds.

This not only helped our clients but also helped the 250,000 American families that live in the United Kingdom.

Andrea Solana
Head of Advanced Planning

"It's important to me, as an American abroad, to give everybody the best opportunity to live a financially worry free life."