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Viva La Difference

It is always fun to highlight the differences between the US and the UK. It seems that the two countries are separated by more than just a common language:

Daily Mail – 2nd January 2013


The US House passed the fiscal cliff bill about 10.45pm on Tuesday and Obama boarded Air Force One to return to Hawaii just hours later.

The President cut short his holiday vacation to return to Washington and oversee fiscal cliff negotiations. The second flight to Hawaii is costing taxpayers an estimated $3.2million. That’s on top of the $4million already spent to ferry the First Family to their beachfront rental home on the island of O’ahu.

Air Force One costs about $180,000 an hour to fly – so the ten-hour trip to Hawaii costs about $1.7million each way.

And then:

The Sun – 12th January 2011


Cash-conscious David Cameron flew out to meet President Barack Obama last night on a regular BA flight — astonishing other passengers.

For the first time on a major official visit, the Premier turned down chartering his own plane to make the two-day trip to Washington DC. And he even spurned First Class tickets to travel in the far cheaper Business Class. The move saved £200,000 in costs, Downing Street officials said.

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