Planning opportunities for US expats

In today’s globalised world, the opportunities afforded Americans abroad have never been greater. However, significant care needs to be taken to ensure that any build-up of foreign cash does not get whittled away through poor tax structuring and financial planning.

Top Tips for Personal Finance

As an American living in the UK, almost nothing related to your financial affairs is easy. The consequences of seemingly simple decisions - such as how to pay for a new home or purchase a mutual fund - may create unnecessary tax charges and complexities. 

Considerations for US citizens taking UK pension distributions

As an American living in the UK, there are several considerations when taking distributions from your UK pension. Within this whitepaper, we discuss some of these options in more detail. 

5 C's of Lending

When it comes to lending money, it is essential to have a set of criteria that you use to determine whether or not a loan is a good idea. This criteria will help you assess the risk of default and make sure that you are lending to people who are likely to repay the loan.

Estate Planning for US families in the UK

As a US expat living in the UK, the thought of getting your estate in order can be quite a complicated and overwhelming process. It is important to ensure that you have your estate plan in order to comply with both the US and UK jurisdictions. This may require legal and tax expertise as it is important to ensure that the strategy covers the various laws in both jurisdictions. The different tax laws between the UK and the US can alter the distribution strategy and ultimately the tax liability of distributed assets upon death, so it is important that there is a full understanding of these before devising an appropriate plan.