01st Nov 2021 by Henry Findlater

World Vegan Day


In support of "World Vegan Day”, an annual event celebrated worldwide every 1 November promoting the positive effects of veganism for humans and the natural environment, we share some of the many environmental benefits of adopting a vegan diet.

With increasing concern about the effects of climate change and global warming, we continue to see a larger focus on sustainability or ESG, particularly with COP26 currently taking place. Society is becoming progressively more concerned with their consumption habits as sustainability now remains a key consideration for consumers, with 32% of consumers highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.[1]

Therefore, we thought it was only appropriate to recognise "World Vegan Day”, an annual event celebrated worldwide every 1 November promoting the benefits of veganism for humans and the natural environment.

Looking at the 'E' in ESG and aligning to "World Vegan Day”, reducing our meat consumption can have a significant positive impact on the environment, with research suggesting that eating a vegan diet could be the “single biggest way” to reduce our environmental impact on the earth. Researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual's carbon footprint from food by up to 73 percent.[2]

Therefore, on this annual day, we recommend taking some time to look at the current world situation and helping to raise awareness of how reducing your meat consumption could benefit the world's environment.

Use today as an opportunity to go meat and dairy-free, to try and experience the food and lifestyle that vegans have while teaching yourself and those around us about the benefits that eating less meat can do.

An article on BBC GoodFood, states that "meat and dairy (farmed livestock) accounts for 14.5% of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions, which is roughly equivalent to the exhaust emissions of every car, train, ship, and aircraft on the planet!"

They also comment, "If we all went vegan, the world's food-related emissions would drop 70% by 2050, according to a 2016 report on food and climate in the academic journal, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)".[3]

So, let's take this day and inform ourselves about the genuine issues of climate change, its impact on the world, and what we can do to make a difference.

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